New Month, New Adventure

The LAST time I attempted NaNoWriMo, I had one fewer child to worry about. My second child was two, and my oldest was keeping me busy while I shuttled her around from therapy to therapy. I thought I was busy then!

I got to about 23,000 words that time, and both my will and my plot petered out.

The next year I had zero interest in writing. I had gone back to school and had gone onto meds for anxiety and depression. Sure, the meds helped
The anxiety 100%, but it took a long time before the ideas were bouncing around my head again. Have you ever felt like that? My mind was calm, life was good, and I had no desire to write about anything.

Well, I feel like it´s time to try the writing adventure again. I can’t wait to see where my protagonist, Skye,


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